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International patients

Dr Shomeshwar Singh carries out all his surgical procedures at BLK Super Specialty Hospitals.

All international patients are received and directly admitted to the hospital here. All arrangements right from consultation on emails, quotation for surgery on email or telephone, processing for visa, transportation to and from airport, hotel stay during, before and after surgery etc is taken care by Dr Shomeshwar Singh's team at the BLK Super Specialty Hospitals.

Common surgeries carried out for international patients are listed below :

Restoration of hearing loss by
Cochlear implantation and BAHA Surgery
Tympanoplasty / Ossiculoplasty / Mastoid surgery

Septoplasty and FESS – Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Thyroid gland surgery
Parotid gland surgery
Surgery for Snoring

Surgery for Balance problems – Posterior semi circular canal occlusion, Saccus decompression surgery / Vestibular Neurectomy for Menieres Disease

Shomeshwar Singh MS DLO FRCS MD

Director - The ENT Clinic
Senior Consultant and Director- BLK Super Specialty Hospitals
Adjunct Professor - Amity University
Member Editorial Board - Journal of Otology

E Mail all your queries directly to Dr Shomeshwar Singh at this e mail address:


Telephonic consultations are available at a charge. E mail the clinic at to arrange the same.

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