Technology to treat hearing loss is fast progressing

22 May

Unfortunately it comes with costs and therefore conflicting interests etc. As a patient you need to be sure that what is being offered to you as a treatment option is the right one for you and not for the business.

🙂 Its not uncommon that in India where business and health care are intertwined so much that a patient is offered an expensive profitable option by more than one Consultant / Doctor. In these situations, even a second opinion does not guarantee unbiased advice. I suppose the solution lies in ensuring that your adviser is honest, frank and not desperate to sell. Its not a common attribute for sure. At The ENT Clinic – Centre for Hearing, we do our best to tell you all. We work on the assumption that we will give you all the information and all the choices and all the trials that are possible, so you can choose. We want you happy and we want you back for all the right reasons.