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This blog is an attempt to chronicle all that is happening in the world of hearing loss, cochlear implants, hearing aids and so on.

It is also an attempt to educate and encourage our patients to solve their problems of hearing loss with use of aids, implants, phone based Apps etc.

The ENT Clinic – Dr Shomeshwar Singh MS DLO FRCS MD – takes a huge interest in the field of hearing loss and cochlear implants and other devices / Apps that can help make life better, for a hearing impaired person. At the Clinic, we try to offer realistic, non commercial, honest advise to those who trust us.

See Sound Live is an assistive technology conceived, patented, developed and now distributed by 4S Medical Research P Ltd (research arm of Dr S Singh).  This technology (Application on a smart phone) allows a deaf child or adult with no hearing, to develop speech. It achieves this by giving a visual feedback of the users speech efforts on the screen of a smart phone. By seeing the pattern on the phone, the user gets a strong sense of what he spoke. He or she starts with pronouncing simple sounds and then moving onto more complex sounds – non words and then words. To know more about See Sound Live, visit our website:


Or contact us at +91 9958725553 or shomeshwar@seesoundlive.com. 


See Sound Live – Empowering deaf to speak

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