Important Facts to Know about Cochlear Implants

7 Mar

You might ask ask yourself what exactly a cochlear implant is. Contrary to popular belief, cochlear implant is an electronic device that bypasses the damaged inner ear and stimulates the inner ear nerves to restore the sensation of hearing. This technologically advanced device is implanted surgically into the ear to ensure ease of hearing to those who are severely to profound deaf not deriving satisfactory help from a hearing aid

Let’s elaborate on the working of Cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants bypass the damaged areas of the inner ear, and stimulate the auditory nerve directly. Once the nerve is stimulated, it sends a signal immediately to the brain to recognize the particular sound emitted.

Cochlear Implant insitu – schema


A cochlear implant comprises of several small parts like a speech processor, transmitter, receiver (stimulator), a microphone and an electrode array. All of these parts work together to ensure a better hearing ability to the person who is unable to hear any sound profoundly.

Working Principle –

Cochlear implants can:

  • Pick up any sound from the surrounding environment.
  • Choose and arrange the sound systematically.
  • Convert signals from processor to electrical impulses.
  • Transport electrical impulses to the auditory nerves.
  • Outcomes from this procedure are so good, that a child born profoundly deaf can attend regular mainstream school.
  • Adults who lose their hearing and undergo cochlear implant surgery are able to return to their original job.
External Speech Processor
Receiver Stimulator – implanted by surgery


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