Ear wax affects so many people

21 May

Ear wax affects so many people. Do you know why? Because it should :). It’s healthy to have ear wax. Diseased ears never have ear wax. The Infection removes it. 
Merely having ear wax is not a reason to remove it. Ear buds do more harm than good. They tend to push the wax inside. 
Sometimes though, ear wax gets hard and painful or if pushed inside blocks your ear completely. The best way to treat this is to instill wax dissolving drops generously. And then get it removed by us using suction and ear microscope. Earlier people used to try and wash it away with water. That’s not recommended any more. Micro ear suction is best. We can do it once you have used the drops generously for a few days. It takes a few minutes only.
The picture above is that of a microscope used for this procedure. The microscope allows us to remove the wax without touching canal skin or ear drum thus not causing any pain at all.  
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