Do you really need Tonsillectomy?

What are the commonest reasons for getting a Tonsillectomy surgery done?

  1. Frequent infections of the tonsils – more than 4-5 episodes of proven tonsil infections a year for the last two years
  2. Sleep issues due to obstruction of the airway by massively enlarged tonsils
  3. Biopsy of an enlarged tonsil to find out the reason for this

So ask yourself if you fit into any one of these? And ask your doctor which of these is the reason for suggesting tonsillectomy. Any child can have 1 Р2 bad sore throats a year. Thats not reason enough. Minor viral sore throats dont count.  Does your child really suffer at night not being able to sleep due to an obstructed air way?

Remember enlarged Tonsils always regress with age. So wait it out unless you want the surgery for some other reason. You better have a good one..

There is no such thing as Tonsil problems running in families. If your father had this done, for Heavens sake, dont commit the mistake again.. :)

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