Braille for the Deaf

19 May

Seesoundlive has been active for over a year. We have several deaf people and people with cochlear implants (surgery done at a late age) using the technology on a regular basis. They use the technology for enhancement of their linguistic skills at home. Some also visit a speech therapist occasionally to ensure that they are using the technology in the correct manner and to get some articulation tips.

The results so far have been very promising. The deaf community is able to:

  1. Say more sounds
  2. Say the sounds more clearly
  3. Join the sounds into simple words

To summarise, there is a global improvement in their ability to talk and communicate effectively.

The Science behind SeeSoundLive

The science behind seesoundlive is that the brain has unparalleled ability to understand, process and use data. Have you ever wondered how Braille works? How is someone able to touch sounds? But of course, for centuries now, the blind have been touching sounds and their brain has been processing this data generated by touch as visual cues. This is because all parts of the brain are interconnected. Different parts of the brain perform different functions. In deaf people, when they touch, the data transmitted activates the area of the brain associated with touch (the tactile area) and also the area of the brain associated with vision (occipital area). This is inspite of the fact that the tactile area and visual cortex are two distinct areas and some distance away.

In deaf people, the visual cortex is adjacent to the hearing area. When the hearing area is not used over years(as happens in deaf people), the visual area takes over the hearing area. So, these people are now able to process data given by vision as sounds. Now the deaf and hearing impaired population can hear by seeing sounds.

Is this a new concept? 

The science behind seesoundlive is well established and well proven. The utilisaton of this science to help the deaf develop speech is our unique concept, idea and creation.

What do you mean by braille for the deaf?

Thanks to Braille, the blind are able to touch sounds. Thanks to seesoundlive, the deaf will now be able to see sounds. We believe this is a landmark discovery for the deaf. The deaf community has largely been ignored. The deaf and hearing impaired tend to stay with other deaf and hearing impaired people. This is because of their inability to communicate with the larger community. They can communicate quite effectively with other deaf people due to sign language.

If the Deaf are to be included in our communicate, we either need to teach everyone the sign language or the Deaf need to be able to communicate with hearing people.

We are proud and happy to be the innovators of this technology. It is our sincere hope and desire that all deaf people all over the world will one day be able to communicate using seesoundlive.

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