How effective and safe is a mask?

30 May

Being a surgeon, I understand the issues surrounding, wearing a mask. Most people who are now donning a mask to protect themselves against Covid, have never used it before and find it quite uncomfortable beyond a few minutes. This results … Read More »

Cancer – should I be worrying?

24 May

If you are on the older side, 50+, have been smoking most of your life, alcohol is your best friend, you want to lose weight but haven’t quite achieved it yet, work keeps you busy, stock markets keep you anxious, … Read More »

Ear wax affects so many people

21 May

Ear wax affects so many people. Do you know why? Because it should :). It’s healthy to have ear wax. Diseased ears never have ear wax. The Infection removes it. Merely having ear wax is not a reason to remove it. … Read More »

Braille for the Deaf

19 May

Seesoundlive has been active for over a year. We have several deaf people and people with cochlear implants (surgery done at a late age) using the technology on a regular basis. They use the technology for enhancement of their linguistic … Read More »

Empowering the Deaf

18 May

Over the past 18-24 months, we have met several speech therapists, audiologists, teachers of the deaf, school teachers from deaf schools ………. The list is endless. Most people are convinced that seesoundlive is a great therapeutic tool. It does its … Read More »

Speech Therapy in Deafness

15 May

Deafness is a condition in which a person has some degree of hearing impairment. The degree of deafness may vary. Some people are born with profound deafness and they are unable to hear anything. They live in a world of … Read More »

Can Deaf people speak?

14 May

Can Deaf People Speak? This is a question that almost everyone who has a deaf family member has thought of. Most people who are deaf are also mute. Being deaf and mute increases the disability significantly. Not only are these … Read More »

Treatment for Hearing loss

13 May

There are many options for treatment of hearing loss. The best option depends on the individuals requirement. It is guided by the type of hearing loss, the severity of hearing loss and also factor like the age of the affected … Read More »